It was a lovely, warm Saturday evening in 2014 that brought us here. Sounds of laughter filled the night air as we enjoyed BBQ and a healthy amount of beer on a friend's deck. We can’t tell you the dozens of topics we talked about, but one particular question stuck with us: Where have made in USA products disappeared to? This conversation, with the help of more beer, led to lighthearted jest about getting into the made in USA business to support our country’s workers and their families. It is safe to say that we were not short on ideas. We joked about products like beer cups for the lawn care industry and fancy spit bottles for the tobacco-chewing folk.

Oh, how we laughed. But there was a moment when the laughter stopped; the moment we noticed that we were all wearing a graphic T-shirts. Now, our creative savviness could only take us so far; our girls were the real creative geniuses who came up with making 100% Made in the USA clothing.

If someone had told us how difficult of an endeavor it would be to make products solely in the USA, we may have just ended the conversation on that warm Saturday evening. Lucky for you, we didn’t find that out until later. Regardless, we were committed to keeping as much of the manufacturing as possible in the USA because we never forgot the reason, we started this endeavor in the first place: to support as many people as we can in this wonderful country. All designs have been created and printed right here in the USA. We have also made an effort to produce some of the clothing here in the USA, which can be found with the “Made in USA” designation in our online store.

While we have grown from those silly ideas fueled by beer and good company, we hope to continue growing until we are able to give back as much as this country has given us.