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5 Sophisticated Colors

5 Sophisticated Colors to Pair With Pantone’s Color of the Year

The past few years, Pantone’s announcement for Color of the Year has been more muted, wardrobe-accessible colors. In 2018, they turned the fashion world on its’ ear by choosing the electric purple Ultra Violet shade.

Don’t drop everything and run for the hills, however. There are some great color combinations available to showcase this fashion-forward color without completely overwhelming your look. Try out a few of the tricks below and you’ll be well on your way to stunning in this shocking shade!

Ultra Violet + Lavender

This color combo is anything but basic and perfect for color-blocking. Pairing this vivid violet with a more muted pastel purple is visually engaging enough to be interesting while not boring. Seek out shirts, shorts or skirts in one shade and balance it out with another staple wardrobe piece or carefully selected accessories.

Ultra Violet + Melon

Shows this year paired Ultra Violet with equally vivid shades for an exotic, eye-catching twist The trick is to keep makeup, jewelry and accessories very plain, and off-set a Ultra Violet top or bottom with a brilliant shade like vivid orange to contrast.

Ultra Violet + Grey

An accessible way to bring this bold color into the office or into a professional setting is to mute it with a shade of grey. This pairing will subtly dull the vivid shades of the violet tones and great an elegant and complementary combination.

Ultra Violet + Blue

Ultra Violet is flattering with several shades of blue, depending on the look you’re going for. Midnight and royal blues will activate this hue but are close enough in the color wheel not to clash. For a more brave haute couture look, allow this dominant color to shine alongside a bright blue shade.

Ultra Violet + Black

As far as neutral shades go, black is the absolute best pairing to allow Ultra Violet to shine. Particularly striking and dramatic against a black background, you can adapt this color combination into almost any setting, from a cocktail party to the water cooler.

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