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General Wardrobe Must-Haves – Most Versatile Clothing Items

General Wardrobe Must-Haves – Most Versatile Clothing Items

It’s such a pity when you’ve got a hoard of clothes but still have trouble putting together a proper outfit on so many occasions! It can be especially disappointing if you’re used to spending a considerable amount of money on clothing.


According to a CreditDonkey review, the average adult spends from $161 to $204 on clothes every month. The question is, are you being smart with your shopping?

A survey by TRIAD found out that 23% of the clothes owned by Londoners are unworn. That’s a lot of clothes and a sad amount of money wasted on clutter. How about hoarding less clothes and actually using more of them for a change?

Having limited clothing items can be more than enough if they are versatile. This means that if you buy something that you can imagine pairing up with multiple pieces in your wardrobe, it can be well worth the money. You don’t need to have a cluttered closet to look good, just a smart dressing sense!

Here we have some of the most versatile clothing items for men and women. These can be availed to the fullest by dressing up or down through creative mix-and-match.


Basic Versatile Clothing for Both Genders


Dark Jeans

The obvious must-have for both men and women. According to Ask Your Target Market’s survey, denim was found to be the most popular clothing item with jeans being the most popular denim item – no surprises there!

Pair it with a formal top for a classier outfit, or stay casual in a T-shirt for an everyday look. Jackets, blazers, overcoats, polos, button-downs – basically, you can pair anything with jeans.


Plain White Button-Down

Both men and women should have a single white button-down shirt in their wardrobe.

For women, it can go with jeans or even be worn over a bikini. It can also be paired with a suit or worn under a jacket or sweater – so many possibilities!

Men can wear an untucked white button-down with jeans for a casual look or tucked in with business suits for a dressed-up look.


Plain Neutral-Colored T-shirt

A good-quality white, black, or grey t-shirt can be part of a number of outfits. White is the most versatile of these due to the least chance of clashing with anything you choose to wear with it.

Ladies can choose shorts, pants, skirts, jackets, or dresses to wear with a basic white t-shirt. Whether plain or patterned, anything goes with it!

Similarly, men can pair a white t-shirt with jeans or shorts while choosing to layer up with a blazer or jacket if need be.


Trench Coat

A trench coat in beige, black, or tan is a wardrobe staple for men and women who like variety in their daily wear without owning a lot of clothes.

Men can put a trench coat to good use by wearing it open over a bright casual t-shirt they’d like to show off. A suit and tie, baggy jeans, slim trousers, and patterned scarves are some other great things that can create diverse looks with a trench coat.

A classic beige or black trench for women can be worn with skinny pants, jeans, over dresses, or everyday outfits. Leave it open, half-tied, or completely buttoned for a different look each time.


A Dark-Colored Blazer

Owning a black or navy blazer can give you something solid to build your outfit around. You can wear it open or closed, over casual or formal dresses. It’s the perfect versatile clothing item for both men and women.


Other Must-Haves for Women

Here are some other must-haves for women that are gender-specific:


Knee-Length Black Skirt

For a classic feminine and very versatile outfit, you need to own a medium-length skirt that can be worn on multiple occasions. You can go for pencil or A-line style, whichever suits your body type. The top you wear with it will decide whether you’re going for a formal, semi-formal or casual look.


Little Black Dress

The famous must-have for any lady who likes a dressed-up night out or wants to look chic in the office! A plain black dress that fits you well and accentuates your best features can go a long way.

Wear it with a blazer and pumps for a go-to office outfit, or ditch the blazer and add some heels and jewelry for a night out.

Since black is a basic color, it can go with virtually all kinds of accessories. This means you can get a new look each time while wearing the same dress!


Other Must-Haves for Men

Looking for some more options to style? Here are a few:


A Dark-Colored Sweater

Sweaters are compromising. They can be worn in so many ways, especially if they’re dark and neutral-colored.

A V-neck sweater is great because you can pair it with a tie for a dressier look. Otherwise, you can wear it on its own, over a shirt, or under a jacket.

A good quality sweater made of wool-cashmere blend will give you comfort in a budget.



Khakis can work great on days you need a break from a casual jeans outfit. These have a more formal look than denim, and can be dressed up or down for multiple occasions. Wear it with a button-down and tie for an office-appropriate look, or roll it up a bit and pair it with a t-shirt and jacket for a more casual outfit.

A well-fitted, flat-front pair of chinos can give you a modern and sleek look. One with a darker shade can seem more mature.


A Point to Note

These clothing items may be versatile, but you’ll only be able to make the most of them if they stay in good condition over time. It’s best to dish out a few extra bucks initially to make sure you get your money’s worth instead of buying mid-range products of subpar quality. Happy shopping!

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