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Store Your Clothes the Right Way – Tips and Tricks

Store Your Clothes the Right Way – Tips and Tricks

Are you guilty of piling your furniture with chaotic bundles of laundry? Or maybe you’re already a neat freak looking for new ideas to store your clothing. Either way, storing clothes the right way just takes some motivation and time. The following tips will make sure you store your clothes just as they deserve!


Creative Storage Hacks – Make the Most of Closet Space


Are all the hanging slots in your closet already full? Have you almost given up on trying to keep all your clothes in order? You are not alone.

A 2016 Closetmaid survey on women’s clothing habits found that 1 in 4 women felt their closets were unorganized, and 10% of women even felt depressed at the sight of their open closets!

Another survey by MakeSpace further found out that 70% of people admitted their closets to being their homes’ most cluttered place.

For all those ladies and gents who just can’t seem to get it right, these few hacks will help you sort out your closet into a compact, lovable arrangement of clothes.


Shoe Cubby Storage Compartment


Remove some hangers from your closet and place a shoe cubby there instead. Make the most of your space by storing your jeans and T-shirts folded and filed inside it in a compact manner. Everything stays in view while taking up minimal space!


Double the Hangers

No space to add more hangers to the bar? You can hang one directly from the neck of the other, or for a more secure way use a soda can tab to pass two hangers (the head of one and the neck of the other) through its two holes


…Or Just Skip the Hanging Part?

How about folding and filing them compactly (more on this later) instead of hanging? You can then use that extra space to the fullest. A simple rule of thumb: filing > hanging > stacking!


Pre-Made or DIY Organizers

What you need is something geometrical to hold different categories of your stuff. There are drawer dividers available that you can install to avoid clutter and mixing up of things. There are scarf organizers available to arrange your scarves nicely, all on a single hanger. Use storage boxes to put away stuff you don’t need at the moment but will later. You can also add accessory baskets underneath closet shelves if you have a bit of space. Those can help you keep smaller items like underwear and socks at hand.


File Instead of Pile

Ever seen a shelf of files where the spine of each is visible at first sight? How about arranging your clothes similarly? Fold your T-shirts neatly in a compact manner then arrange them just like files so that a part of each can be seen at first sight. You can do the same with jeans, trousers, or any clothing really. This way you won’t have long-forgotten pieces of clothing laying ignored at the bottom of a stack. You’ll also save time when putting together an outfit since you’ll be able to actually find everything at first glance.


Prioritize – Easy-to-Reach vs Stored Away

Clothes you need next season go in the far corner of the closet for now. Clothes you currently use stay in better view. Formalwear or articles you rarely use can be stored at hard-to-reach places if closet space is scarce, like a storage cabinet next to the ceiling.


For the Juniors

Train your kids to put away their stuff properly by using picture labels on storage boxes or closet shelves. For example, an image of a T-shirt where the T-shirts go. Sometimes, a children’s closet can accommodate multiple hanging bars (one on top of the other) due to the small size of clothes.


Out-of-the-Closet Ideas


If you’re really out of closet space, here are some ideas for arranging your clothing someplace else:


Under the Bed

One of the most commonly used spaces for excess storage. Use storage boxes or baskets and avail all that extra space wisely!


Behind Curtains

Have a recess in the wall? Utilize it by fixing a hanging bar, some shelves, a clothing rack, or a grouping of all! Cover the arrangement with some curtains that go with the room.


Movable Clothing Rack

Get them out in the open! Invest in a movable clothing rack you can easily relocate if need be. To avoid giving a cluttered look to your room, opt for plain white walls instead of bright colors or patterns.


The Ladder Hack

It’s quite a creative idea if you don’t mind keeping your clothes on display like this. It collectively serves the purpose of a shelf and hanging bar. Fold and place your T-shirts and jeans above the ladder, and hang coats or formals from the rungs at the same time.


KonMari Your Way to Organized Clothing Storage


Ever heard of Marie Kondo, the super-organized world-renown consultant who is expert at turning messes into soothing arrangements of items? Here are a few tricks she has up her sleeve in the famous KonMari method of organizing:

  • Declutter before you store – empty out your entire closet on the floor and hold each item by turn, asking yourself if it ‘sparks joy’ for you. If it doesn’t, give it away. This way you’ll have lesser stuff to deal with before you start.
  • Categorize – All clothing of the same kind goes together. Instead of a mishmash of entire outfits, organize the T-shirts, jeans, socks etc by category. It’ll be far easier when you need to dress up.
  • Filing instead of piling – Yes, Marie Kondo agrees! Don’t stack your clothes. Those poor T-shirts at the bottom will just stay wrinkled and forgotten that way. Neatly fold them and stand them straight to keep them all in view.


Ready, Set, Organize!


Once you’re done, you’ll know the beautiful feeling of calmly putting together an outfit without the usual panic of searching for lost stuff. You’ll feel the reward when you discover your favorite long-lost T-shirt underneath a pile of chaos. So good luck with rediscovering your wardrobe!

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